Ngwe Saung

Ngwe Saung beach is one of the most beutiful and longest prestine beaches in South East Asia, situated at the Bay of Bengal which stretches from Myanmar all the way to India. The name Ngwe Saung is pronounced (Way Saung) and means silver beach in Burmese and is an accurate description of the surroundings. The beach is 15 km long, whith it´s soft silver sand beach and crystal clear turquoise water it invites for a swim or simply relaxing on the beach in the breeze from the indian ocean, under the coconut palm trees.

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Ngwe Saung Beach

Ngwe Saung tropical Islands

This is a paradise on earth with it´s amazing tropical surroundings containing cocounut palm trees and secluded islands such as Lovers Island where you can lay on the beach listening to the serene sound of the waves and it´s only a short walk across a sand path from the beach.

Recently opened to tourism

Myanmar only opened for tourism in the year 2001 and the countryside is therefore undeveloped. Myanmar is now what Thailand was in the 1980´s before all it´s tourism.

Ngwe Saung Location

Ngwe Saung is located 48km from Pathein which is the capital of Ayeyarwady, the region where it lies. It is a 4 ½ hours drive to the nearest hotel in Ngwe Saung but it´s well worth it.

Ngwe Saung activities

There are many activities to be explored in Ngwe Saung. Ngwe Saung Elephant camp was founded in 2000 on what was a timber plantation only a 45minutes drive from the beach.

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2-12-07 Ngwe Saung - Elephant Camp
16 km from the Ngwe Saung beach you can find the Elephant camp where the animals are held from 8am to 12am everyday and after they are released into the forest. The entrance fee is only 5usd and for an additonal 5usd you can ride your own elephant.

If you wish to stay closer to the beach you can go snorkling in the water where there is a variety of colorful fishes.

Explore the undiscovered beaches

There are moped rentals where you can get a moped for the day or longer to go on excursions to nearby unexplores beaches or citys all along the Bay Of Bengal. Go towards the jungle delta where you can explore the birdlife and the beutiful surroundings.

Fresh seafood

There is a variety of resturants and if you want you can go out on a boat trip cathing your own dinner containing fresh seafood such as lobster and fish. Don´t worry if you do not get a catch you can buy from your local fisherman and cook the days catch yourself.

Ngwe Saung Beach video

Ngapali has been marketed heavily last years since it was the first beach destination in Myanmar, however Ngwe Saung beach has everything Ngapali has plus a lot more. Come and visit the longest beach in Myanmar it has allot to offer for your holiday.